Kingsmouth Church: Henry Hawthorne

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Henry Hawthorne

Kingsmouth Church


My child, Kingsmouth Congregational is always open these days, especially now my flock is considerably reduced. But even if we had holy water, I’m afraid it would’ve run dry by now. If the good Sheriff sent you, tell her I’m doing just fine. I have my books and I have the Lord. And a .44 behind the pulpit. For difference of faith. We don’t usually do confessions but, well, your secrets are safe with me. As God and Kingsmouth’s founding fathers are my witness, I’ve heard and seen it all. The great and the small. Or maybe, looking at you, we’re both in the business of secrets, if you follow my meaning?

The End of Days

This is no Armageddon. I hope you’re not disappointed. The Mayans might have blocked it in on their calendars, but we have enough of heaven and earth illuminated to us to know better. God bless the internet. Knowledge is power, especially with Google on your side. Do you think this is God’s work? Hardly. If God was done with us, surely he would just send down a meteor to finish the job. No, this is all a puzzle. A puzzle that the pieces of this town were fashioned – just so – to fit by Solomon Priest, I’m sure of it. Solomon Priest. That name says a lot about the man, don’t you agree? King Solomon, now there’s an interesting fellow…

The Cemetery

Look at the churchyard there, chewed up like Susie’s clam chowder. I’ve been keeping a headcount. Blessings to re-administer, plots to be re-turfed, other unfortunate logistical problems. Certain discrepancies with the deceased. I mean, out here where there’s more ground than people, interment is a God-given right. But in some cases – without out-of-towners, mostly – the students from the Academy… Well, I believe it is for science, for the advancement of mankind, yes, and enlightened pursuit. A noble tradition. And…boys will be boys.

A Sacred Place

According to Henry Hawthorne, the Kingsmouth Congregational Church is protected by ancient Illuminati wards. Investigate the wards and try to figure out how they work.

Kingsmouth Cemetery

The wards in the church should hold indefinitely, but will not be easy to duplicate. It is not a question of holiness, but of advanced chaos control and study. One day, you will master such anima powers and apply them at will. For now, we must make use of what we have. Your findings show that the church was constructed as a safe haven against precisely this kind of onslaught. It seems the old Illuminati magi - the founders of the town - knew from the very beginning that Kingsmouth is a place of darkness.

Dust to Dust

Henry Hawthorne alludes cryptically to a part of Kingsmouth’s past rising to haunt them yet again. Someone is digging where they shouldn’t, and they have to be stopped.

Mass Graves

Darknesses converge. The one that came from the sea is eager to meet those that breed in the soil. They attract each other. Kingsmouth is rich with occult energy. The witches. The miners. The cultists. All were haunted and all met violent ends. The draug can sense these historical wounds. They peel back the skin and expand their forces. We cannot change Kingsmouth's past. But we must strive to learn from it, and to keep the draug away.

The Kingsmouth Code

As an epicenter of early Illuminati history in the New World, Kingsmouth is still full of signs and symbols. Understanding their hidden message could unearth ancient secrets left by the Illuminati fathers.

Henry Hawthorne said the founding fathers of Kingsmouth left clues to forgotten secrets all over town. I noticed the manhole covers all have Illuminati symbols on them, and they all seem to point towards a specific destination.

Following the symbols led me out to a miscellaneous tool shed on the pier, where I found a strange placard.

Seat of power must mean the Kingsmouth Courthouse.  Inside, I found the following painting that seemed to portray a “navigator immortalized”.

This passage led me to the Solomon Priest House.  Around back was a keypad that opened the door to the basement.

Inside the cellar I discovered an Illuminati library and computer that gave me access to a vault which housed 3 Illuminati artifacts: The Pyramid, The Eye and the Phoenix.

The trouble with Illuminati labyrinths is they all lead to something. It reeks of desperation. However, Kingsmouth is their world, and we must accept to navigate it. Inevitably, there will be more Illuminati codes to break in the future, ones that do not lead to mere material gains. Learn to see through their paranoid and burdened way of thinking, and their world will be yours to manipulate. In the meantime, remember to bring these artifacts when you return. The Illuminati will blame the Templars for having taken them, for no one suspects the Dragon.

Digging Deeper

When the Illuminati founded Kingsmouth, they didn’t only raise a town. They dug deep into the ground as well, carving secret passageways that echo to this day. Find the tunnels beneath Kingsmouth and discover where they lead.

Henry Hawthorne says I can hear the hollowed out tunnels when walking down Main Street. Time to track down these echos of the Illuminati.  In front of the Town Courthouse I noticed a distinct thud on the sidewalk.  Pulling back a secret panel revealed the following:

Clavis Aurea: “Golden Key”.  Wonder if Kingsmouth has a key to the city?  Found it!

Looks like I found my way into the secret tunnels below Kingsmouth.

Where I found this book:

Exploring further into the passageways I discovered a tomb.

Access granted to the Illuminati labyrinth.

I found a puzzle and a note which read:

To proceed, write as a Learned Man would. Look to Jerome’s Work on the two score and first Psalm, the eight part, the first Darkness.

 I completed the puzzle and entered the final room.  Maybe that book I found in the tunnels will help solve this last riddle.

After making my way past all of the Illuminati puzzles and traps I entered a room with a simple wooden coffin that I presume holds the real corpse of Solomon Priest.  Beside a skeleton I find a final note:

The tunnels beneath Kingsmouth offer a small-scale glimpse of the kinds of labyrinths the Illuminati have chiseled throughout the world. The New World, especially. The one in New York is considered to be their crowning achievement. The logic and purpose of all of them remains essentially the same: to twist and conceal the truth. The Illuminati have elevated the acts of burial and forgetting to an art form. Kingsmouth's secret arteries conceal the body of a murdered founder. Very few among them know what's tucked in the bowls of New York, very few would want to know - what lies, what cries, what presidents.

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