Skateboard Park: Danny Dufresne

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Danny Dufresne

Skateboard Park


Guess I come across pretty hyped up about all this? It’s not that I’m enjoying it, you know, I’m not one of those Norwegian black metal guys. I don’t, like, get off on death. But it feels like all my life I’ve been waiting for this to happen. I’ve read the books, watched the movies, played the games… buried a survival kit in the backyard. Now this is happening, it’s really happening, the freakin’ zombie apocalypse. And people are freaking out, so I can really do something. I can help make things okay again! Well, not like you, this is like your day job. Saving the world and stuff? Putting your life on the line and the needs of others before your own? Right? Right? You could work on your outfit a bit, though. I’m just saying. It’s a bit weak for a superhero. I could, like, show you some sketches after we’ve gotten through this? I’m thinking mask, black leather, no cape. Capes are so out this year.


So this is not your average, everyday zombie outbreak. Sure, we got your basic shamblers and runners, but they don’t just bite, they do other stuff, like…special effects stuff. And then there’s the tanks – like, you know, bug hulk zombies, not zombie tanks with wheels. That would just be goofy. But…kinda cool. We also got zombies rising from the ground, not just ocean. Some of them must be, like, fifty years old. Older. I mean, this isn’t a big town. If it was just living folks turning, you couldn’t even call it an army of darkness. It’d be a scout patrol of darkness. But the weirdest thing? No matter how you bust them up, they keep coming back. Mrs Creed, she roasts them like marshmallows. Pastor Henry buries them in the churchyard. Edgar, he… Well, you don’t want to know what Edgar does. Next thing you know, they’re coming out of the fog. Again. Over and over again. Sucks to be us.


Yeah, the Mutant Smurfs? Not my idea. That’s Edgar. I think he even collects Smurf figures. He’s a bit weird, but he’s totally cool once you get to know him. He’s real funny. Just stay away from those dogs, Tango and Cash. They’re evil. Carry biscuits. Carry lots of biscuits. I did some research on those blue things. Did you know they’re from, like, Viking mythology? They were called Draug, and they’re the ghosts of the dead lost at sea. Heh, don’t ask me what Vikings are doing in Kingsmouth. I’m thinking ancient blood curse. It’s always a curse. I like having a name for the monsters. Better to think of them as something with a name, something that was human once, you know? In a way, that’s a lot less scary than Smurfs. Smurfs have no humanity whatsoever.

The Secret World

How’s having superpowers working out for you? My friend Carter, she has some real Sam Krieg novel stuff going on, it’s pretty wild. Like, any girl can give you a drop-dead look, only she could probably do it for real. But she’s not like that at all! She won’t even kill plants. I’ve given up on asking her to. For someone with powers, Carter is totally normal. She does get steamed about the weirdest things, like me going out alone… but she’s not the only one. Sheriff Bannerman wants me back at the station by curfew. Like being out past dinnertime is a big deal when the dead walk the earth? I may not be able to shoot fire or melt faces or, you know, jump my own height. But I’m a good runner. I’ve read all the right comics, and I’m, like, great with wires and motors and microchips and stuff. “Necessity is the mother of invention,” right? I’ve already rigged a bunch of defenses around the town, so watch your step, I figure every superhero needs a brilliant inventor. I’ve got that much to aspire to. I’m the geeky sidekick. Yay.

Men in Black Vans

Young pop-culture survivalist Danny Dufresne watched as the Men in Black arrived to combat the supernatural menace or did they? According to Dufresne, they seemed more interested in experimenting on the monster population. If they had ulterior motives, you should discover them.

West of the skate park I found the abandoned black van.  Towards the sea, and the draug, I came across 2 dead Orochi who i can only assume must have been the owners of said black van.  On one of the bodies I found two ID cards.  Back at the van i found a laptop who’s password was “My Wife.”  Accessing the Orochi website employee directory at and searching for Kitsune Hayabusa (employee ID 1688490) tells me that his wife’s name is Sally Anderson.  Accessing the computer:

Subject: Field-deploying Occult Attractor V4

From: Mission Control, VALI

In case of emergency, each component has an individual signature on your tracker. Do not leave advanced occult technology behind in the field.

Assembly sequence:
1. Engage PK Pulse Unit
2. Affix Manifest Agitator to PK Pulse Unit
3. Affix Etheric Transponder Antenna to Manifest Agitator
4. Assume minimum safe distance before power up.

Disassemble in reverse order to avoid etheric spikes, possible unwanted attention.

Using the tracker, I located the Occult Attractor and disassembled it per the instructions.  Once again, saving Orochi asses one day at a time.

It is said the technology of the Orochi Group is twenty years in advance of their competitors. Did those twenty years save them here? Did that technology serve them any better than our predictions? Witness a microcosm of the whole. Reliance on rigid rules will be the downfall of Orochi. Their dragon is false, manufactured, machined. Straight lines and square boxes. They quarantine themselves from chaos in white rooms and black vans, ignorant that chaos ignores lines, change overcomes walls. In twenty years, nothing of them shall remain but machines. Still measuring what they could never understand.


A highly secretive group has set up camp at the local airport. Danny has tried spying on them with makeshift surveillance equipment, but his plans are constantly foiled. He suspects foul play and wants help to figure out what’s really going on.

Orochi Camp at the Airstrip

Orochi EMP Generator

The Orochi Group is a broad corporate empire whose HQ is in Tokyo. This makes us geographical neighbors. The similarities end there. We move in different circles. They care little for ideas; we care little for market forecasts. Nonetheless, we do not wish to offend them. If every PC Bang in Seoul were to go offline, it would undermine our operations. The Orochi could easily make that happen. They could easily do worse. It would be preferable to uncover their objectives without drawing attention. This playful and rudimentary form of surveillance is an excellent beginning.


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