Red’s Bait & Tackle: Ami Dexter

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Red’s Bait & Tackle


I rebelled against pretty much everything in my teens. I abandoned my roots, got married, moved to town. I don’t know what I was trying to prove, but I suppose I just wanted to get out from underneath all the history and tradition that I felt was weighing me down. The only thing I proved was that you can run away from everything around you, but you can’t run away from who you are. It’s just a matter of time until it catches up with you. I’d gotten married to the wrong man for all the wrong reasons. Bill didn’t take it well, and it got pretty bad. I had to take Kyra away from all that.

The Secret World

This “you have a destiny” business can be a heavy load to carry. You probably know that as well as anyone. All the expectations. It’s not an easy thing to live up to. You end up disappointing everyone, yourself included. It’s not like any of us ever asked for it, yet we get defined by how we live with it, what we do with it. Sometimes it seems unfair that you can’t just be, I don’t know, normal. I tried normal. It didn’t really work out for me.

Your family

My husband disappeared a few days before the fog hit. He always used to pull stunts like that, go on binges that lasted days, but I’m obviously more worried about him this time. We’re not together anymore, but I worry for Kyra. She loves her dad very much, and I know she misses him. Even if she doesn’t let on, she’s deathly worried. I can only hope that if we come out on the other side of this, he’ll be there waiting for her. It might be over between us, but I don’t want my daughter to grow up without her father. Whatever Bill’s faults – and there are many – he always treated Kyra right.

Breakfast of Champignons

Ami speaks about harnessing the power of the land, how it can help and protect the island and its people if given a chance. With the correct practical application, Mother Nature could be key in overcoming the terrible creatures swarming the Savage Coast.

We have known about the energies that live in the land on Solomon Island for a very long time. It is a place where the forces of giving and taking have always been stronger than normal. Let your own experiments be a lesson. Nothing disappears, it just changes form. Sometimes destructive, sometimes restorative, but always beneficial if correctly applied. The Native Americans have always known this. Now, so do you.

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